Behind the Lens/About Your Photographer

Behind the Lens/About Your Photographer – Tellastory Photography.

TellaStory Photography was created on a whim, that there is more to life than just cheesy pictures and goofy poses. Seeking comfort in the small matters, the minute details that pass by so quickly fleeing from the present.

Candid’s, are the primary objective. Comfort, is the what I want you to feel during our time together. I want each and every client to feel as if we’ve known each other for years, picking up as if we never left off.I adore meeting new people, getting to know each and every story that make up the moments in our lives.

Standing behind the camera is about me telling your story, lived in real time, creating images that matter. Laughter, spontaneity, hugs and kisses that linger. Life is not always beautiful at times, it’s priceless. It shapes us, and fills our souls to who we are right now.

I am the photographer that documents the energy of the moment. The video below is just a sampling of who I am right now. This video was created from my personal files, and the song — spoke to me during my midnight editing marathon.

— TellaStory Photography Natural, Relaxed & Candid