Album Design – the last step.

Here we go!!  This is where your photo’s come to life – my favorite part of our journey.
I have created a rough draft album to help us get started.  To view your album hit the arrow tabs found on the Right & Left side of the page design.  Send us your comments & changes below. 

NOTE: With album designs, we allow for 2 revisions before additional charges may be applied.  Please keep that in mind as we begin.  Go ahead, grab that glass of wine, kick back & re-live the wedding day shenanigans.

Album Pages are shown in order:
Cover  /   Page 1 & 2  /  Page 3 & 4  /  Page 5 & 6  /  Page 7 & 8  /  Page 9 & 10  / Page 11 & 12  /  Page 13 & 14  / Page 15 & 16  / Page 17 & 18  / Page 19 & 20 /  back cover.

To Make Changes:

Please list the page number & describe the changes to be made for each page.  

  • include image #’s if we are adding new images
  • If you want to remove an image, simply state, remove
  • We can combine & consolidate pages, be as descriptive as you can
  • If the page looks good as it is shown;  list the page # + approved  

Included in your wedding Package:
9.5x13 Album  +  Rigid Pages  +  Cover Options:  Crystal Glance  or Metal  +  (2) 6x8 Parent Books (replica copies)  +  20 Page Album



Design Notes:

Are you ready to get started?   We have our work cut out for us!!
To add additional Pages cost:  $25 per page or $40 spread {2 page layout}

Please fill in the details for:
Cover Image selection
Select your Cover Material:  Metal, Crystal Glance, Print, Leather
Leather Color {think ROYGBV}  or use the images below.  We will pick the closest color to your selection.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions if you get stuck I’d be happy to meet up.  
THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to capture your event!!  Don’t be a stranger.  ~ xo~B

Design Notes & Changes

12 + 7 =

We are testing a new album viewing method & would love to hear your feed-back; answer the questions below – be brutally honest!! 
Would it be beneficial to meet in person for album design? 
Do you like viewing & designing independently from your home?
Are there too many images in your wedding gallery to choose from?
How stressful is this process on a scale of 1-10 {10 is most stressful}

Additional Feedback & comments welcomed.  How did we do?
Write a review that we can share with new clients & be entered to win a $100 visa Gift Card at the end of the year.


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