TellaStory In Joy Light

Light Therapy + Frequency Attunement
Quantum Lemurian Crystal Lights & Cello SOL Songs

We invite you in to receive an abundant feeling of Peace and Well Being, with deep Relaxation & Increased Energy.  Stress Relief & Increased Ability to Focus.  Explore the potential reversal of Chronic Pain & Illness along with Clearing of Core Issues Causing Present Challenges.

These sessions are unique to each individual, however recipients may experience enhanced Senses – Taste, Sight, Sound, Touch & Smell.

Redefine your Sense of Life Purpose


  • Increases intuitive ability
  • Decrease depression
  • Increase a sense of lightness and harmony
  • Eliminate headaches or any physical manifestation of energy stagnation
  • Strengthen your aura

Quantum Light Services Offered

White Light purity light cleanse

Want to quickly feel uplifted?
White light healing on a regular basis increases your awareness of yourself as Light. This unlocks our natural healing capacity and increases our overall sense of wellbeing.
Utilizing this holistic alternative healing modality is an awesome way to step into your own power of awareness.

The power of vibrations:

Add tuning forks to a light session – fine tune the energy surrounding your ethereal body.  Intuitively applied to assist with healing & recovery post light session. 

Guided Journey

Rainbow Full Spectrum Lights
Deep Chakra Healing
Cello Vibrational Sol Song
= Private Frequency Attunement


Belief systems and philosophies tell us that throughout our bodies there are areas where nerves, veins, and arteries are most dense, where our vital life force is more concentrated.  These are chakras. Of these, there are seven major chakras beginning at the base of the spine and running to the crown of the head.  In Sanskrit, chakra means wheel, and that’s exactly how these bundles function, as a wheel or disk of energy in the body.

Each chakra has its own name and color vibration, and regions of the body that they influence. Our thoughts and emotions impact the chakras and likewise a blockage in one or more chakra can have an impact on how we feel and what we think.

Sessions are held in the Office located:
235 S Main Street  //  Luck WI 54853
Pop up events & Travel Session upon request

As with many of Subtle Energy Healing Therapies, the FDA states no claims can be made that any dis-ease can be cured. The information we provide on this website is for the purposes of entertainment and information only and is not given as professional medical advice. If you have a health problem, medical emergency, dial 911 or for health question, we recommend you contact your healthcare provider. The products provided by  are for decoration purposes and are not intended to cure, treat or diagnose any medical conditions.

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