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With prom just around the corner it’s not too early to make a photo – plan.  TSP is offering short & sweet {10 minute sessions} – with ala’ carte options to add fun products, or more time in front of the lens.

Prom Photo Packages start at $50.00

Gather up your friends

Our current “plan” is to offer minis at the OHS auditorium.  If weather cooperates, we may be able to wander across the parking lot to the Art barn or Schillbergs Park.  This all boils down to Mother Natures Cooperation.   We will know more the week of the event.

Please Message us with questions – To reserve your time / date fill in the contact info.  The next step is to build your prom mini session package.

A deposit of $25 saves the groups time slot.

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Fun Things to do with Kids while visiting Door County Wisconsin

It’s that time of year in the Midwest,  when we start dreaming of the warmer days ahead.   Let’s get brutally honest for a second;  When traveling with kids, there is NO vacation.  Have no fear with a little preparation; and some minor planning we hope you can find moments of peace while you are away with your crew.   What you need to know before you go  to Door County with kids.

There are lots of options out there when it comes to lodging and places to stay.  As a large family; we are slightly biased to camping.   It’s the only way we roll; in our home on the go.

Rustic Timbers, hands down is our favorite place drop the jacks.  This quiet property is family owned, clean and short drive to activities in Egg Harbor.  The kids enjoyed the amenities, like the jumping pillow and the swimming pool.   The adults found Rustic Timbers to be a welcoming place to wind down at the end of an adventurous day.  Mid-vacation we like to “take the day off” from sight seeing to re-group and experience the on-site amenities.  This place has everything you need – to stay in – or travel to places nearby.  It’s a 5-star facility in my opinion.

Recently we rolled into Harbor Village, to check it out and found it had a lot of perks!  So we will add this place to park it, there is so much to do on-site, it does make leaving the property a little harder.  When we park here, we must leave a day to play – so the kids can be kids too.

Who the heck are we?

“We” are a large family (8) 3 adults, 5 kids & 2 puppies.  We do not travel lightly when we are all together.  Rv in the back – kids in the middle – front seat packed with on-hand snacks.  Locked & loaded, let’s go!

Getting to Door County is a short 6 hour road trip from our humbled abode that’s nestled in the river bluff of Osceola, Wisconsin.  We are dedicated road-trippers;  so trekking across the state is painless, as long as we sneak a McDonald’s stop along the way.

Enough about us, I’ve got a short list of fun things you can do with kids; while you are visiting Door County.


Fun Things to do & see while adventuring around the harbor towns:

Take the scenic route: ALWAYS
Door County can be explored in a day.  Driving up and down the peninsula  visiting all the port towns is a day-trippers paradise!
We prefer “wait to see what the weather will be like when we get there” if bad weather happens during our stay, we load the tribe into the car and drive until we find something.
Egg Harbor.  Ephriam.  Fish Creek.  Sister Bay, Jackson, Bailey’s Harbor – each port town has something different to offer.

Visit a public beach.  From Washington Island School House Beach to the White Sand Dunes along Lake Michigan, there is plenty of water to splash and play all day long.

Ride the Trolley –
Our family LOVED this experience, so much that we booked a 2nd trip.  Scenic View and the Haunted Ghost Trolley.  Both were excellent.  The kids enjoyed the stories told by Ed our conductor; he was entertaining and kept the kids attention. (can be hard to do sometimes).  As parents, we enjoyed an adult beverage while the kids were entertained.   #parentingwin

Pick up an ice cream from the corner store.
We highly recommend Wilsons ice-cream.  Did you know they put a jelly bean in the bottom of the cone?
**pictured cone is from Washington Island Ice Cream Parlor near the ferry boat landing.

The fun never ends when traveling with our crew — we try to stay busy, get out and enjoy, while being mindful that everyone is out of their elements too.  So finding adventures where we can PLAY – and still be kids is exactly what we set out to do!!   PC Junction is the next stop on our coveted list. 

Reserve your seats for the next port stop and dinner delivery by an electric train car.   The entertainment is great, for sure worth a visit.  With a history in the restaurant industry, we like to plan our visits when it’s not-so crowded – early dinner / late lunch mid-week.  If you stop on a weekend, waiting is inevitable and that’s only IF you can find a parking space within a mile of this hot spot.

It’s easy to get lost in the moment so give yourself plenty of extra time to ride the peddle cars around the dirt treelined track. – the kids had so much fun I think the smiles speak for themselves!  Best of all – it’s “free” minus the cost of dinner.


Hike the cause-way to Canna Lighthouse.  99 steps to the panoramic view and you’ll believe you can touch the sky!  THIS was a hit for ALL family members.

Take a step off the mainland – and head out into the middle of the big lake!   Washington Island is a short ferry trip and worth the extra attention.  Pit stop at school house beach rocky shoreline will not disappoint. 

While you’re on the island, take time to smell the lavender fields, the vivid purples and fragrant peaceful smells are an invitation to stick around a while. There is nothing better than island fresh air; there is something about stepping away from the shoreline watching  “normal life” disappear against the horizon.  Island life can be compared to an episode of Cheers – Where everybody knows your name.

Just one more ferry trip – and you’ve hit Rock Island – twice removed from the mainland.  This island is a day trip only.  Hike, and Relax a while before hopping the ferry one step closer to civilization.

Cherry Picking – is good for any sized crew.  We had so much fun that we walked away with way too many buckets.  We were able to bottle up the cherries and keep them thru the winter season, enjoying a little slice of vacation one cherry at a time.

From the Big Cherry Farms- to the mom & pop’s they all have a little something to offer, pit stop and visit all of the cherry stores on the peninsula, they won’t disappoint & make excellent gifts come Christmas Time.

Hike the Eagle Bluff Trail

Go High and trek Low – this one can be done in a day.  Beware of the gnarly tree roots and the plethora of stairs to climb out of the gully.  This trek certainly deserves an ice cream reward or a glass of wine.  

Notice we didn’t much for alcohol – as we prefer to focus on the family, but I will admit the wine is delish -and certainly work filling up a glass, or two or three.

We have only touched the surface of all there is to do – we get excited every year to get back and check out what’s new!

Our favorite past time is people watching, sitting on the park bench and watching the world go by.  Now that’s a vacation in itself.

Catch a live show.  The outdoor theater located in the Peninsula State Park by the peninsula players.  Watching a live performance under the stars is like non-other.  Theater not your jam, odds are in your favor that you’ll stumble upon a live performing artist under a pavilion.  Last year we pulled out the Rusty Cello + Guitar for a micro-concert in Ephraim near the waters edge.  When we started to play, we were the only one’s, as we struck the last chord a small audience gathered and gave us a round of applause.  We will be back -someday for an “official show”

Play a round of Mini Golf or ride a go-cart.  This pit stop is located at the entrance of Rustic Timbers, it’s almost mandatory that you drop in for a round of fun at the end of an adventurous day

Visit a fish Boil –  the show is informative and fun with fire – what’s not to love??
The fish – was pleasantly delicious – (we don’t eat much fish in our house – I’s call them all pets)  Prices were meh – but dinner and a show makes it worth it & watching the kids as they added gas to our soon- to-be dinner was priceless. 

Most Importantly – HAVE FUN!!   You can plan and over plan until you’re blue in the face. That’s what parents do best!!  When it comes down to it – a break from the normal routine of everyday life is vacation enough, right?  Be flexible, enjoy your time away, you may even “wing it by each day” see where the adventure takes you.

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Winter Wedding Tips, Tricks & Inspiration

Choosing your wedding date is no joke! The pressure is on to secure the “perfect” venue on your desired date.  Good Luck.  Wedding Trends very each decade.  In the past spring dates in June were all the rage.  Our recent trends show Fall is the most popular wedding season.   As we gain traction into a new decade, I’m noticing the trend where More and more couples are moving to a winter wedding concept the reasons why:

Winter Dates may offer Better Rates:

Once you decide the winter wedding is your season, you may have a better chance at securing your dream venue.  Winter dates are no as desirable, and most venues offer discounts and deals in the off-season.  

Early Sunsets:

With the earlier winter sunsets, it leaves us light chasers with less available light to play with.  When choosing your winter wonderland, look inside; that’s where the party will be; in the event the weather is on the chilly side.  How accessible is this venue if the weather is in-climate?  How much natural light / ambient light will be available during the day and evening hours?  Can your photographer work in dark candlelight conditions?  Minor details when planning a winter event.

Bonus Decor:

There are a lot of venues that decorate their locations for the holidays. Depending on what date you choose, you may get to incorporate their decor into your winter wedding theme.  Holiday lights, garland and snowflake designs will embellish your winter wedding, the bonus:  you don’t have to shell out the cash to decorate! 

Wedding Flower Selection:

A winter wedding may come with a few trade-off’s in the flower department.  Flower varieties may not be available during the winter months, or may cost more to have shipped in.  Contact your local florist, they can help guide you through this planning step. 
Our Favorite local Florist:  Wildwood Flowers

Less Weather related worries:

While Mother Nature can throw a few curve balls anytime of the year, there are some factors that come into play during the winter months.  There is always a chance of snow in the forecast, but on the bright side; a winter wedding will not have the heat and humidity.  Another thought is your ceremony will most likely take place indoors; no need to stress about sudden changes to the ceremony location.  If you choose to have a winter ceremony outside, if it does snow; I’ll hold tight to that thought: there is something magical about standing inside a snow globe, wouldn’t you agree? 

There are perks and disadvantages to hosting a winter wedding. 

If you are not easily bothered by weather, and willing to think outside the box then picking that winter date may be a good fit for you.

About the Author
Rebecca is a Midwest based photographer; with Award winning images in Wedding Photography. She has 10+ years experience, hundreds of memories from each event, along with a few published articles in the photography field. She enjoys sharing insights with clients and fellow blog followers. As a photographer, her use of natural light and technical ease allows her to create memorable, unique and beautiful photo’s for all her clients.

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The Hottest Barn Wedding Trends to Look out for this 2019

Throwing a spectacular themed wedding requires great planning and a touch of creativity. Ever since the emergence of Pinterest, couples have tried and tested a great number of themes. Some have been great hits while others were pure misses.

This upcoming wedding season, barn weddings are turning into a rage and we can totally relate as to why. The shabby chic and rustic vintage vibes that come alongside barn venues are totally worth the call.  From outdoor wedding photography to rustic wedding décor and all the planning that comes along, here are the hottest barn wedding trends to look out for this 2019.

Take your rustic décor to a world of its own with some homespun barn inspiration

From burlap and lace to chic modern day accessories worth taking notice, there’s a lot that can be done to transform your traditional rustic wedding into a special world of its own.  Transpiring from the outdoors, rustic décor can be elevated gracefully into something that’s beautiful and rustic with a hint of vintage too. We’re talking the brilliant use of wooden beams and hangings, lots of luscious greenery and nature themed decor, raffia ribbon draped chairs, mirrored details and color schemes that revolve around royal emerald greens, sepias and gold.

Feathers can transform your barn themed wedding by lining those wedding aisles, being incorporated into wedding bouquets, adorning wedding invites, as a focal point in your table centerpieces or simply by making their way into the groomsmen’s boutonniere.

Take the romantic ambiance level up a notch by using lots of candles and fairy lights against your venue’s setting. Place burlap inspired welcome boxes or weaved baskets for guests at their seats and fill them with your favorite treats. This is a sheer source of delight indeed.

From shots of the sun setting and its rays peeking through the rustic wooden beams of your barn venue to breathtakingly beautiful high vaulted ceilings that have been dressed using shimmering string lights, barn weddings truly make for beautiful wedding photography.

Outdoor wedding photography at barns are on a whole new level

There are hundreds of acres of lands worth discovering with the serene countryside view being a great treat for guests and the couple to enjoy. In such a magnificent setting, couples can take full advantage of naturally graceful backdrops for their photographs. It’s truly a blank canvas that’s waiting to be developed using the couple’s vision of their picture perfect day.

Countryside catering trends: Finger licking food and wine for guests to enjoy

If you thought southern fried chicken, beef jerky and cordon bleu with a giant helping of apple sauce gravy and corn on the cob is what country food catering is all about, think again. Couples are going all out with catering at their barn weddings, ensuring every meal served has a class of its own.

Today, it’s all about self constructed salad bars, an array of different kinds of meats being carved for guests to enjoy and tables comprising of pasta sauté. And just when we’re done with that, salad bars were soon being transformed to dessert bars to satiate the sweet tooth of guests involved.

Heartwarming buffet systems are coming back in sheer style with guests helping themselves with what they like. It’s good wholesome food that revolves around a good conversation starter for family and friends to get right into.

Let’s not forget about Desert
cocktail carts are sure to make it big on this year’s list of trending barn wedding trends. They’re innovative, movable and oh so fabulous to look at when adorned to perfection

As far as the wedding cake is concerned, deconstructed cakes are raging. You won’t be surprised to find several cakes of unique flavors that are seamlessly decorated and short in height. This way, guests can now devour the wedding cake flavor of their preference.

There ya have it.  Midwestern barn wedding at it’s finest!  We would love to be a part of your vendor crew!
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We love fairy tale endings and eating cake too.

12 Days of Christmas ~ A Christmas Song Parody

12 Days of Christmas
A Christmas song parody retold by TellaStory Photography

A fun way to reflect upon the past years events.  We have seen just about everything, but I gotta admit, I love my job.  Thank you to my past clients for entrusting your memories with our creative eye.  We wouldn’t exist without you.

Stick around, we plan to remain in the industry for a “few more years”  It’s been one heckuva ride the past 14 years!  I’m looking forward to the new adventures & new faces we will meet this year.

Enjoy our Christmas recap of a fabulous year!

Happy Holidays!


On the 12 Days of Christmas my Photographer brought to me.

12 Photo Booth Props Hanging on the tree

On the 11th Day of Christmas my Photographer Captured these:

11 Groomsmen Goofing

On the 10th Day of Christmas my Photographer Captured these:

10 Friends a Dancing

On the 9th Day of Christmas my Photographer Captured these:

9 Friends a Cheering!

On the 8th Day of Christmas my Photographer Captured these:

8 Jumping Groomsmen

On the 7th Day of Christmas my Photographer Captured these:

7 Dresses Hanging

On the 6th Day of Christmas my Photographer Captured these:

6 Ladies a Laughing

On the 5th Day of Christmas my Photographer Captured these:

5 Funky Socks

On the 4th Day of Christmas my Photographer Captured these:

4 Must-have Wedding Accessories

On the 3rd Day of Christmas my Photographer Captured these:

3 Leaping Lads

On the 2nd Day of Christmas my Photographer Captured these:

2 Love birds kissing under the tree.

On the 1st Day of Christmas a photographer captured me:  1 photographer hiding in a bunch of weeds.


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