Rise Up Angels

Putting a voice into an art piece – has unleashed a new world of epic proportions, A shift using creative Art Therapy as a means to release the darkness from within ~ Art made with the Heart.  From darkness to Light, all will be set right.  Here we go, the message is simple.


Shattered Heart, Broken Bones
Fragmented into a million pieces
Quietly collect the pieces one by one
Twist them back together
In the shadows of the night.
Fate turned it into something beautiful
Because we knew you could.


I believe in you,
Be the Light and Shine on my Friends.  Hold space for others and share compassion, intermixed with kindness
{NOW}  that is sweet music to my ears.  No matter what and no matter where, you are never alone.  There is always music.

Good Vibes only – old friends & new friends






Broken Record Angel Wings — is a free standing Art piece.  It is still in creation phase – where it will go, it’s in gods hands now.


A sing-song message. 

PAY-it-FORWARD for anyone who needs to hear: You are not alone, we can do this together.   Ask me how!



These angel wings are dedicated to Anyone who has suffered in silence. Abuse & hate in any form is not welcome.  Believe in yourself.   You are not alone. You are a warrior.

Rise up to sing your songs of freedom.

I speak up In honor of my children, who give me the courage everyday to do better, for me – for us & all humanity.  



Are you struggling ? Need help ? Mental break or just a place to vent,  I am safe harbor.

Providing a variety offerings – or can give direction on who to contact next.  Please reach out – I’d love to hear from you. 

Hello I am B – “nice to meet you” 
What’s your story ??


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