Album Design: one step at a time


Wedding Album & Book Design

Every event has a story to tell.  It is written within the images captured from the day.  Pull all your favorites together into a visual storybook.  A one of a kind story that is meant to be held, ogled at; cherished;  memories told and re-told for many years to come.

The Story Design Starts Here:

Use the scroll arrows on the side of each photo below to view the available options

Step One: Cover Selections

Choosing Your Cover

There loads of options when it comes to album design.  Let's break it down into manageable decisions and take it one step at a time  Books & Albums start with a blank slate & a Leather Wrapped Cover

Additional options include:  Printed Cover / Metal & Wood Printed Cover / Inset image prints (keyhole)

Metal: Graphi & Heritage Collections

Give your Cover a Shiny Edge and Industrial Look that will stand the test of time

Crystal Glance: Graphi & Heritage Collection

This Cover is secretly my favorite, simply beautiful for any occasion.  It gives and upscale look to your album. 

Keyhole Cover

Square Cut Out Image (3x3)
Print is inset inside the Leather Cover

Embossed Cover

Up to 2 lines of text
Embossed in the center or lower right corner of the book.
Font Options:  Swirly or Block text

1/4 Print + Leather

Do you have a Favorite Image?
Let's turn it into Cover Art
*Shown:  Printed Cover + Distressed Brown

Parent Books: Graphi Collections

Gift your parents their very own wedding book.
2(6x8) replica books + Printed Cover
4(4x6) replica books + Print Cover

These mini books make a great Thank You Gift!

Step Two: Pages + Finishes

Album Pages

The look and feel you want in a custom album.
Images are printed to each page & UV coated.
The pages are rigid but not overly thick; maintaining a compact overall look.

Book Pages

Just above the thickness of a traditional book page, these luxurious pages give a compact over-all book appearance

Thick Album Pages

Thick Pages give a bulky appearance, the pages are thick and stand on their own.  The images printed to each page are UV coated 

Matte Finish

Add the look of vibrant colors with a slightly textured matte finish.

Glossy Finish

Add the look of vibrant colors with shiny/reflective finish.

Step Three: Leather Options

Leather Cover

Do you want your album to have a classic look or bold appearance?
choose from just about every color imaginable.

Leather Colors: any color under the rainbow:  ROYGBV
Traditional Leather Colors:  Black / Charcoal / Saddle (dark brown) / Tan / Cream / White
Use the scroll tabs to view available leathers.

Vintage Leathers

Premium Leathers

Distressed Leathers

Faux Leathers


No 2 Albums are alike,  meaning these beautifully bound books are custom ordered.  To begin building your personal storybook, please check out these amazing options.
Included in the Pricing Structure:
20 Page Album + Leather Cover
This can hold approximately 60 of your favorite images.  Additional Pages can be added to the design with ala’ carte pricing.  Additional album/book sizes are available to print, please ask questions along the way.

8×8 Full Leather Cover . . . . $425.00
10×10 Full Leather Cover . . . $475.00

8×8 Print + Leather Cover . . . . $500.00
10×10 Print + Leather Cover . .$550.00

8×8 Keyhole Cover . . . . $450.00
10×10 Keyhole Cover . . .$500.00

5×7 Parent Books (2) . . . $200.00
*replica of the parent book


8×12 Full Leather Cover . . . $875.00
6×8 Parent Books (2)

8×12 Crystal Cover . . . $950.00
6×8 Parent Books (2)

8×12 Metal Cover . . . $950.00
6×8 Parent Books (2)

Lay-Flat Books

8×8 Leather Book   $175.00
10×10 Leather Book   $245.00
8.5×11 Leather Book   $225.00

Parent Books   $200.00  *size options avail:
(2) 6×6 Printed Cover Replica Books 
(2) 5×7 Printed Cover Replica Books

Customize the Cover:
Embossed Cover:  $25.00
1/4 Print + Leather:  $45.00
Key Hole Print: $45.00

Extra Pages can be added @ $25


Lay-Flat Books may appear slightly less extravagant than the thick rigid pages of the album counterparts.
These books hold a simple elegance when bound and filled with your memories.

Are you Ready to Get Started Designing your Album?

Send us a list of your favorite images & we will design the rest,  Once we send over a sample design, you can tweak it & make the final changes before printing.  

If you’re anything like me & have a hard time picking your favorites; or maybe you’re too busy?  No problem.  We will take the lead on this project; keep you posted once the rough draft is completed.

Let’s Get Started
we are here to make this next step easy as 1.2.3 . .


9 + 11 =

Investment: TellaStory Photography Collections

TSP Sessions, Collections & Investment

Nitty Gritty Details of TSP sessions – learn more about what we have to offer:

Collections are customizable; Do you prefer image books, or hanging wall collections?  Build your package & reserve the date with a deposit.  

Click the photo sections for more details.

Wisconsin Wedding


Collections starting at $1800

Glitter Bomb

Senior Sessions

Collections starting at $175

Glitter Bomb

New Idea's / Photography Projects

We love Brainstorming, Bartering and Building networks in the business industry.  Do you have a fun photo concept cooking?  We want to help bring it to life!

holding hands

Family Sessions

Collections starting at $175
Mini Sessions hosted in the fall / holidays.

Photo Booth Rental


Hourly Rental.  Contact TSP for rates & dates.

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Located in the Midwest, Scenic Saint Croix River Valley.  Servicing Local Communities in Hudson, WI, Eau Claire, WI, Duluth MN Saint Paul, MN & Minneapolis, MN  *  We are available for Travel & Destination Shoots.

715*497*3588     [email protected]

Getting Starting: Custom Image Books

Your Story Starts Here

Step 1)  Choose your Cover

Cover Options:
Leather Wrap
Key Hole Image + Leather
3/4 Image + Leather
Wood Image
Metal Image

Step 2)  Choose your Book Size & Page Style

Book Sizes:  5×7 / 8×8 / 8.5×11 / 10×10

Glossy Pages: add a vibrant look of colors with shiny / reflective finish.

Matte Pages: add deep rich colors with a slightly textured matte finish.

Step 3) Pick your Leather Color

Step 4) Add you favorite Images into a favorites folder.  We will start designing the pages.
Design & Delivery of these custom books can take up to 3 weeks.  We will contact you once it’s ready.

Books are 100% Customizable.  Prices listed are a starting point.
Base pricing includes Cover Choice: (leather / 3/4 print) 
Cover Upgrade Charges: (key hole +$20 / Wood +$45 / Metal +$60)

20 Pages included in the base pricing:  additional pages can be added +$25

Book Sizes:
5×7      $125.00
8×8      $175.00
8.5×11 $225.00
10×10  $245.00

We offer smaller mini books. 
These are great for gifting and carrying in your bag.

Spiral Bound Image Books:
5×7 (25 Prints)   $75.00
*additional prints +$5.25ea

4×6 (25 Prints) $65.00
*additional prints +$4.25

Mini book

Magnetic Accordion Mini Book

magnetic closure books.  Printing on front & back with accordion pages.
Wallet Size 2×3 holds up to 14 images  (2) Books $55.00

Square size 3×3 holds up to 10 images.  (2) Books $55.00

Brochure size 6×9 holds 3-7 images  (1) Book $65.00


2 + 10 =

Birth Photography – Welcome Newest Addition Q&A

We are so happy you found us; This moment right now,  is hands-down the most amazing time of your life. 

Time has a way of slipping by quickly this moment will become a hazy memory.  It’s these simple excerpts in time that can not be duplicated;and soon the experience is lost. That’s where we come in; by capturing the experience artistically and stress-free, those simple moments that become more valuable and irreplaceable when time passes us by.

Welcome to the World Little one

Maternity Sessions

What a beautiful time in both your lives to capture the Baby Bumps.  This part seems to drag on yet fly by – You may feel like a whale and ready to pop like a cherry – around 28-34 weeks – we want to schedule the maternity / baby bump session.   Once the bump is gone, it’s all over.   You’ll have these photo’s to look back & remember when . . . .

Birth Sessions

What a moment to capture!  Birth Photography is not for everyone;  these sessions ARE for the open heart-ed souls who wish to capture one of life’s most vulnerable experiences.  Our time together will allow us to capture raw emotion, strength and unique child-birth moments.  Your partner can focus on you, while we become a fly on the wall & focus on the amazing moments.



The best time to photograph your baby is before the 2 week mark.  They are still “squishy & sleepy”.  We come into your home, on-location, There are 2 types of set ups: 
Lifestyle: candid, in-home, relaxed & laid back.  We capture those simple daily routines.  Those moments that tend to get over-looked.  These are priceless many years from now.  
Backdrop + Prop: We bring the set to you.  We want you & baby to be comfortable.  We have a few backdrops and fun outfits & we welcome new idea’s.  If this is for you, Let’s chat.



Fresh 48

This documentary styled session is for the sentimental soul.

This is perfect is you want to capture your baby within their first 48 hours of life. 
It’s also the perfect opportunity to capture the first meeting with their siblings & grandparents.  Looking for something more quiet, let’s change babies diaper or give little one their first bath.  This is a once in a lifetime moment, relax, we’ve got you covered.




Babies grow & it happens overnight!  seriously – no joke!
We capture all those sweet milestones alone the way.  This is the perfect opportunity to capture tummy time, giggles, toe grabbing, sitting & standing.  We schedule 4 sessions in a year.  The dates are flexible, every baby progresses differently & that’s what makes them so special.


Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ's}

How Early Should I Reserve my Session ?

We prefer to reserve sessions in advance, with as much notice as possible.   

Typically will need 2 months notice depending on the season (busy times)

Please do not wait until baby is born before reserving the date; we may not be able to accommodate impromptu requests.

How to I Reserve My Session Date

Sessions are reserved with a $75 deposit
The balance is due prior to gallery / product delivery.

When Will My Photo's be Ready?

We strive to keep our delivery times consistent. 
Sometimes the unexpected comes up, we will communicate if there are any delay’s.

  • Sneak Peaks posted to social media within a week 
  • 2 weeks of your session
  • Product Delivery is 3 weeks

Birth Graphics : G Rated

Will you take pictures of everything????

I take pictures of whatever YOU want me to capture.  Each client is different and comes with their own preferences.  I tend to be more modest, I stay away from nudes and graphic imagery.  Sometimes I will take them as requested.  I find creative ways to show what is happening without showing the “full Monty” so to speak.  If you want everything captured, I’ll capture everything as long as the birth place allows.

Does it Matter Where I plan to give Birth?

I am honored to record the beautiful moments before, during and after childbirth; whether you are at home, or the hospital, or birthing center.  We cover water births, natural births and birthing plans.

What if I'm in labor a really long time?

All births are different and there is not way you can control the length of time you are in labor.  I reserve the right to call in back-ups to cover emergency births.   It’s up to you to make sure that I am updated every stage of labor so that I can come at exactly the right time – active labor – I don’t want you to feel like a watch pot.

Don't see what you're looking for? Drop us a message here:

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Product Price Guide

Going Beyond Digital Files

I can not stress enough – to get those digital files printed.  Throw them into a book and store it for another day, promise, you will not regret this decision.  Our lives happen in the present moment, that is where we exist.  Events happen with the blink of an eye, and before we know it, moving onto the next activity.  Times waits for nobody ~ Get those digital printed, not for now, but for later.

Let’s Start with the Image Selections.  I’m sure you have your favorites picked out.  If not, I encourage you to pick your favorites and add them to your folder (located inside your image gallery).  Now we know what we are working with.  How would you like to display your collection? 


On the wall  

What size do you need to fit the space?   Will there be other photo’s with this collection? 
Once you have your size narrowed down, pick your favorite display style:  framed, metals, canvas, float wraps?   

In a book

Custom books are our jam.  We will pull your images from the session and design the pages. 
Read More about  album design & cost.


Meet the Metals. 

Presentation with personality.  Brighten up any space with high gloss image.  
The brilliance of metal prints is unparalleled to any other type of Printed Surface.  Display metal prints on the wall or with an easel back, it’s easy to customize your artwork.  When ordering metals- choose your size + back option = total amount.  



Metal Print Easle Back +$15

A kickstand for your photo

Metal Print Post Mount +$45

Post are located in 4 corners of the frame.  

Metal Print Frame Mount +$45

Helps give support and stability when hanging larger images.

Metal Print Magnetic Mount +$5

This option is only available for smaller print sizes 6×6 or smaller

Metal Print Gator block Mount + $15

Stand Out Foam board, gives your image the appearance of floating from the wall. 

Standard Prints 

Ordering standard prints through TSP assures color accuracy and first class finishing services.  All images come UV coated + textured finish.  8×10’s and larger come mounted. (prevent wrinkles & warping)   Standard print sizes listed, please inquire for custom work. 

Minimum Order: $12.00


That’s a Wrap

Meet the Float Wrap Family.  These photographic prints wrap-around padded Masonite, then coated with a protective, sleek and elegant look that will not disappoint.  How does it float?  It is a black paper backing and thick gator board block that allows the image to hang away from the wall; giving the appearance of floating. 


Lay-Flat Books & Albums

The Story Of your Life.  It’s a fun way to hold your images in one place.  From momentous events to everyday family life, turn your experiences into a story that unfolds through your custom photographs.  Our handcrafted books preserve those moments you want to last forever.  Graduations, Anniversaries, Family Reunions or Vacations.  Capture a day of your family in your favorite season or setting. 

Learn More about our Lay-Flat Books & Albums


Accordion Mini Books 

available in 2 sizes: 
wallet size holds up to 14 panels
square 3×3 holds up to 10 panels
Magnetic Closure + clear slipcover 
2 mini books: $45.00

Spiral Proof Book

Maximum #prints 100
Available Sizes:  5×7  
Prints + Clear Cover = $75.00

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Have I completely overwhelmed you with options?  Have no fear, we can help!  I’d love to come visit your home, or you can snap a photo of the space you are interested in hanging artwork.  I can pull my magical editing skills and create a visual photo collection. Custom artwork hung with Design in mind!  Let us help.  Drop us a message.  Promise we don’t bite too hard.


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