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Every event has a story to tell.  It is written within the images captured from the day.  Pull all your favorites together into a visual storybook.  A one of a kind story that is meant to be held, ogled at; cherished;  memories told and re-told for many years to come.

The Story of your Fairy Tale Starts Here

Step One:  Cover Selections

Choosing Your Cover

There boat-loads of options when it comes to album design.  Let’s break it down into manageable decisions and take it one step at a time.

Do you have a Favorite Image?  
Let’s turn it into Cover Art
*Shown:  Printed Cover + Distressed Brown

Crystal Glance Cover

This Cover is secretly my favorite, simply beautiful for any occasion.  It gives and upscale look to your album. 

Metal Cover

Give your Cover a Shiny Edge and Industrial Look that will stand the test of time

Parent Books

Gift your parents a replica copy of your wedding album.  These mini books make a great Thank You Gift!

Step Two:  Album Pages + Finishes

Thin Album Pages

Get the Look and Feel you want in your album.  Thin Pages give a more compact appearance, the images printed to each page are UV coated 

Thick Album Pages

Thick Pages give a bulky appearance, the pages are thick and stand on their own.  The images printed to each page are UV coated 

Matte Album Finish

Add the look of vibrant colors with a slightly textured matte finish.

Glossy Album Finish

Add the look of vibrant colors with shiny/reflective finish.

Step Three: Leather Options

We offer just about every color under the rainbow:  ROYGBV
Do you want to use your wedding colors, or pick something bold?

Vintage Leathers

Premium Leathers

Distressed Leathers

Faux Leathers


No 2 Albums are alike,  meaning these beautifully bound books are custom ordered.
To begin building your personal storybook, we need to gather more information in order to give an accurate price quote.
Included in the Pricing Structure is a 20 Page Album.
This includes approx. 60 of your favorite images.


8x8 Album + Printed Cover . . . $425.00
8x8 Album+Metal/Wood Cover . . . $525.00

8x10 Vertical Album+Print Cover . . . $675.00
8x10 Vertical Album+Metal/Wood Cover . . . $750.00

10x10 Album +Printed Cover . . . $475.00
10x10 Album+Metal/Wood Cover . . . $625.00

8x12 Crystal Glance Cover . . . $875.00
8x12 Metal Cover . . . $875.00
6x8 Parent Books (2) . . . $225.00     

Lay-Flat Books
8x8 Leather Book + 20 Pages
Starting at $175.00

8.5x11 Leather Book + 20 Pages
Starting at $225.00


Are you Ready to Get Started Designing your Album?

Send us a list of your favorite images & we will design the rest,  Once we send over a sample design, you can tweak it & makes changes, so that its exactly how you want it. 

If you’re anything like me & have a hard time picking your favorites; or maybe you’re too busy?  No problem.  We will take the lead on this project; keep you posted once the rough draft is completed. 

Let’s Get Started
Contact Us, Ask us Questions, we are here to make this next step easy as 1.2.3 . . 


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