We are so happy you found us; This moment right now,  is hands-down the most amazing time of your life. 

Time has a way of slipping by quickly this moment will become a hazy memory.  It’s these simple excerpts in time that can not be duplicated;and soon the experience is lost. That’s where we come in; by capturing the experience artistically and stress-free, those simple moments that become more valuable and irreplaceable when time passes us by.

Welcome to the World Little one

Maternity Sessions

What a beautiful time in both your lives to capture the Baby Bumps.  This part seems to drag on yet fly by – You may feel like a whale and ready to pop like a cherry – around 28-34 weeks – we want to schedule the maternity / baby bump session.   Once the bump is gone, it’s all over.   You’ll have these photo’s to look back & remember when . . . .

Birth Sessions

What a moment to capture!  Birth Photography is not for everyone;  these sessions ARE for the open heart-ed souls who wish to capture one of life’s most vulnerable experiences.  Our time together will allow us to capture raw emotion, strength and unique child-birth moments.  Your partner can focus on you, while we become a fly on the wall & focus on the amazing moments.



The best time to photograph your baby is before the 2 week mark.  They are still “squishy & sleepy”.  We come into your home, on-location, There are 2 types of set ups: 
Lifestyle: candid, in-home, relaxed & laid back.  We capture those simple daily routines.  Those moments that tend to get over-looked.  These are priceless many years from now.  
Backdrop + Prop: We bring the set to you.  We want you & baby to be comfortable.  We have a few backdrops and fun outfits & we welcome new idea’s.  If this is for you, Let’s chat.



Fresh 48

This documentary styled session is for the sentimental soul.

This is perfect is you want to capture your baby within their first 48 hours of life. 
It’s also the perfect opportunity to capture the first meeting with their siblings & grandparents.  Looking for something more quiet, let’s change babies diaper or give little one their first bath.  This is a once in a lifetime moment, relax, we’ve got you covered.




Babies grow & it happens overnight!  seriously – no joke!
We capture all those sweet milestones alone the way.  This is the perfect opportunity to capture tummy time, giggles, toe grabbing, sitting & standing.  We schedule 4 sessions in a year.  The dates are flexible, every baby progresses differently & that’s what makes them so special.


Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ's}

How Early Should I Reserve my Session ?

We prefer to reserve sessions in advance, with as much notice as possible.   

Typically will need 2 months notice depending on the season (busy times)

Please do not wait until baby is born before reserving the date; we may not be able to accommodate impromptu requests.

How to I Reserve My Session Date

Sessions are reserved with a $75 deposit
The balance is due prior to gallery / product delivery.

When Will My Photo's be Ready?

We strive to keep our delivery times consistent. 
Sometimes the unexpected comes up, we will communicate if there are any delay’s.

  • Sneak Peaks posted to social media within a week 
  • 2 weeks of your session
  • Product Delivery is 3 weeks

Birth Graphics : G Rated

Will you take pictures of everything????

I take pictures of whatever YOU want me to capture.  Each client is different and comes with their own preferences.  I tend to be more modest, I stay away from nudes and graphic imagery.  Sometimes I will take them as requested.  I find creative ways to show what is happening without showing the “full Monty” so to speak.  If you want everything captured, I’ll capture everything as long as the birth place allows.

Does it Matter Where I plan to give Birth?

I am honored to record the beautiful moments before, during and after childbirth; whether you are at home, or the hospital, or birthing center.  We cover water births, natural births and birthing plans.

What if I'm in labor a really long time?

All births are different and there is not way you can control the length of time you are in labor.  I reserve the right to call in back-ups to cover emergency births.   It’s up to you to make sure that I am updated every stage of labor so that I can come at exactly the right time – active labor – I don’t want you to feel like a watch pot.

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