Hi there, we are so glad you found us;  watch out, we could talk weddings stuff for days, there is so much information to cover.  We hope this on-line guide is the first step to answering the easy questions.   

First of all, Thank you for your interest in our services, it is our goal is to provide you with a wonderful, stress-free photography experience.  From our first meeting to the delivery of your final selections, we deliver top notch products & service with a smile.  Sounds cliche’ right?  We are the average joe schmoe’s who know their wedding shit – better?   All kidding & sarcasm aside; We hope to keep this aspect of the wedding planning easy & straightforward.  Please take a moment to read through the this guide, there is some good stuff.  If you still have questions – there is a space at the end – drop me a message and we can talk shop.  ENJOY

Behind the Lens
Meet the photographers

Let’s Get Social!

it’s hard to be anti-social in a social media world. 
by golly, I’m still trying….

Becky aka: shutterbug + Chris aka: Chris
We are a team.  Together we are responsible for 5 kids, 2 cats and 1 giant puppy.
{Uftda, it’s exhausting some days}
Chris has a day job in IT.  Having computer troubles?  I know the perfect IT technician, He keeps our computers running seamlessly.  My full time job is photography followed by Mom-ing is that a word?  Plus various jobs that I acquire out of boredom or the famous “I can do it motto.”  Mom-tre-Prenuer style, yup.  I’m a go-getter.  Somehow all of this leads into a very beautifully hectic life.  I’m fortunate to have awesome clients that trust me with their long-term memories & thankful beyond measure that I get to do what I love & still love what I’m doing after all these years.

When Chris & I are not behind the lens, you may find us camping in remote places & dreaming of our next “escape”.  We love a good hike, or willing to settle for an evening walk around the block.  We prefer to take the long route home {back roads}  more often than not; finding some peace in the chaos. 
During the winter months we can be found on the ski hill & staying warm in our living room playing music together. (Modern Day Partridge Family)  Music is the heartbeat of our family & our catch phrase:  “Get lost and find yourself.”  

That’s us in a nutshell.  Pretty easy going, because life is too damn complicated for stress & worries. ~Hakunna Matata 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q & A

Q: What Makes your work different from other photographers work?

A:  We are not your typical photographer.  We don’t just take pictures – we are there to help keep the day running smoothly (think of it as putting your wedding day on auto-pilot when you hire us)  With 15+ years experience & over 300 weddings photographed, we have seen it all & still find new “things” at each wedding.   It is our goal to get you to relax; while we blend into the background &/or create a scene when needed….  sometimes we are a part of something more intimate other times there is a lot happening; every wedding is different & we adapt to accommodate with each situation. 

To get “pretty” pictures we use natural lighting as much as possible.  {my super hero power is to bend light}   We strive to keep fun & candid in front of the camera, that is when the best photo’s come about – un-posed & relaxed.  ~CHEERS to your new beginning!

Q: How many photographers will be there at our wedding?

A:  Wedding collections come with one photographer.  TSP has been run by me. myself & I for many years, but it’s time to expand as we are growing and filling in our shoes.   We have trained 2nd photographers and will be adding associate teams fall 2020! 

*PRO TIP: A second photographer brings a 2nd perspective from the day.  For wedding parties larger than 12, we encourage a second shooter.  

Q: Will we get the print release to our photo's after our wedding?

A:  Yes.  Upon receiving your final flash-drive box + prints, you will receive a digital print release.

Q: How do we reserve our wedding date?

A:  A deposit of $400.00 secures your wedding date.
Flexible Payment Plans, final balance due 30 days prior to the event.

Q: Do we get every image taken from the wedding?

A:  trust me when I say, you do not want every image we take.  We shoot high {approx} 3,000 images are taken during the day.  We cull that down to 1/2 that number.  We spend hours editing and ensuring you receive a variety of images, from black & white to artistic shots; there will be plenty of images to tell your story.
On average we deliver 100 images per every hour we are on-site.  7 hours of coverage = 700 images.  Add a few more if there is a 2nd shoot.  ‘you get the picture’ 

Q: Will we get featured in a magazine or blog?

A:  Many of my weddings do get featured one way or another, it is not guaranteed.  Most publishers are interested in specific decor & designs.  If you want to get featured, let’s talk – I’ll help you prior to the wedding with details that will get the publishers attention!

Q: How long does it take to get our photos after the wedding

A: We like to run a tight ship.  Average lead times for wedding images: 
On-line highlight gallery is available 2 weeks after the wedding date.  These sneak peak images are a great way to see how the edits are coming along.  The remaining gallery + flash drive is delivered roughly 8-10 weeks after the wedding date. 

Q: Do we have to order prints through you?

A: My obvious answer: yes, print through TSP & we will provide an image guarantee.  It is not required to print through TSP.  but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t educate my clients in the difference & quality.  It’s huge, and you get what you pay for in your prints.  TSP is not responsible for color variations when choosing independent print companies.

Album Design

Don’t forget about finishing your package off with a one of a kind story book.  This is not your parents album…..  promise.

Building Your Wedding Package

Decide how much of your day you would like documented.    How do you want to relive your wedding each time you view the photo’s? Do you prefer a story book format?   Do you prefer viewing in digital format?  Are you interested in hanging a large Print after the wedding?  The list of questions go on and on…… let’s start with the basics.  TSP weddings are delivered in a wood keepsake box + flash drive + prints + highlight gallery the rest is up to you to decide what fits your style & budget.

Wedding Collection $1595.00

4 Hours Wedding Day Coverage
1 Photographer
Digital Image Download + PIN

Wedding Collection: $1895.00

6 Hours Wedding Day Coverage
1 Photographer
Flash Drive + Print Release

Wedding Collection: $2450.00

Engagement Session
8-10 hours wedding day coverage
2 photographers
Flash Drive + Print Release

Ala' Carte

Engagement Session  $375.00
2nd Photographer       $425.00
Ceremony Video          $550.00
Photo Booth                 $475.00
Additional Hours         $225.00

Kuddos for making it this far!  You’re almost done.

Are you one step closer to saying “YES” to your photographer ?

Let’s get together: coffee/ drinks/ dinner .  We can meet and visit.  This is a no pressure consultation – where you walk me through the vision of your day while I help you create a tentative timeline.   We may ask a few more questions and come up with the best coverage while keeping your budget in mind. 

Drop us a message with a few dates that work best & what direction you are driving from {I like to meet 1/2 way when possible}.  Hope to Chat Soon!! ~B


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