The 365 Challenge : From a Wedding Photographer’s Perspective

The 365 Challenge : From a Wedding Photographer’s Perspective

For me…..2016 is all about change.  If we aren’t changing, and growing who we are then we are at a check-mate. Dead in the water, left clinging to the life raft and will never discover our true potential.

As we enter the new year, I have decided to embark on a challenge.  Something that will push me as an artist, and rediscover who I am at this moment.  I also want to grow my photography skills by trying new things.  Up to this point fear has kept me from pursuing this task.  Fear of failure.  Fear of not completing the challenge.  I want to change this.  Live fearlessly.  Embrace life and indulge in simple moments that pass us too quickly.

You may or may not have heard of the 365 Challenge.  What does this mean?  Each and every day you take a picture – There is a guide to follow for each day, the guides may vary depending on what you want to accomplish.  365 days?!  That’s a really long time to maintain focus {squirrel}!  I couldn’t imagine entering a challenge of this magnitude.  Setting myself up for failure is not an option.  That is the truth.  Sometimes the truth can be very scary when you face them head on.

After reflecting a little more upon this matter, I decided I would modify the 365  challenge to something more manageable. Behold the 52 week challenge. In this challenge I will be tackling a personal photo goal once a week.  Taking on a vision or new concept that I want to work on and going for it.  As Nike says:  “Just do it”.  My list is set, but not in stone.  There is room for modification as long as I pick up my camera and snap ‘that’ photo once a week.

My goal is to post once a week on Facebook.  Perhaps I will blog about the monthly topics so I have a place to display my vision in one place.  I guess time will tell.  Maybe I’ll discover new ways to consolidate & display this challenge — non-the-less I am sticking to my guns and pushing thru to completion.  As I said before failure is not an option and change is good, Right?

Week 1 was easy:  Resolution.
Many of us find it easy to say I’m going to do this; I’m giving up that as we roll into a new year.  Changing our ways but we quickly discover that change is difficult to enforce and we fall back into our patterned behavior.  The comfort zone.  The old adage says:  Old habits never die quickly.  There is wisdom & truth to those words.
I have accepted Resolution as a personal growth.  Instead of going cold-turkey on anything, I’m focusing on weekly change.  Baby steps.
What does Resolution mean?

Wikipedia defines this word as:

res·o·lu·tion     ˌrezəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n/    noun

  1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.
    “she kept her resolution not to see Anne any more”
    2.the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.
    “the peaceful resolution of all disputes”

WOW!  COOL!  SIMPLE??!   I can do this.
Week One I have discovered a new flame from within.  A desire to do more, dig deeper and re-discover.

Week 2: Self Image.
This task was a little more daunting.  A true Challenge.  Fear of stepping out from behind the camera into the spotlight of the lens.  Capturing who I am in this moment.
After much reflection on how to approach this challenge.  I realized it’s not as difficult and I made it out to be.  I can do this!!
I teach my clients to not fear the camera and it should be fun to have your picture taken.  By engaging into simple conversation and approaching imagery with a candid approach…..  HOW IN THE WORLD do I portray this when I’m alone?  Besides risking my sanity and talking to myself, laughing at my non-existent jokes? {Bwahaha}

Music.  It’s who I am.  Music touches my soul like non-other.  Speaks volumes to me, relaxes me in ways I can not describe.  I use music as my voice when I can not speak the words.
With week 2 I decided on a collection of images combined to present a more personal story.  My story, behind the hidden walls that I have built up around myself.  The song choice:  Beatles “Yesterday” speaks to me whenever I pick up my cello.  My go-to song when I am in a rut; When I need to internally reflect on an idea.  Although this project is not perfect and there is room for growth, I present Week 2: Self Image.


The 365 Challenge : From a Wedding Photographer's Perspective




A-Year-In-Review 2015 – Tellastory Photography


A-Year-In-Review 2015 – Tellastory Photography. The ending of the year also means a new beginning.  This year has been such a huge transition for myself as an artist.  As a mother & a tight rope balancing act of all things in between.  If I could find that scape napkin that held my resolutions for 2015, I’m sure I would have tackled each item with vigor.  Somehow the napkin was misplaced and I set course on a path of my own.  When it comes down to the bare bones of it;  I’m finding my voice and learning to craft stories thru my lens.

As 2015 is near the brink of completion; it certainly doesn’t seem that long ago.  365 days to be exact.  As usual, we pack as much as we can into each day, each week, each minute.  From camping & road trips with my kiddos, to a full wedding season and meeting new families.  I am daring to dream bigger for 2016!

I want to thank each of my clients that have come along with me on this journey in 2015 and entrusted me with telling their story.  You’ve let me cry at your wedding, laugh with you during sessions, and run around with your families.  Watching your life unfold through my lens and archiving your memories has been a sincere privilege.

A huge thank you to my 4 amazing kids!  You make me kinder, more patient and open my eyes to see life with simplicity.  I strive constantly to be the person you see through your eyes.  I want to lead the way to your dreams and show you by example; you can do anything if you set your mind to it.
Thank you to my amazing parents.  Through thick and thin, you have been a huge driving force.  Leading by example, displaying the meaning of unconditional love and your generous support has opened a new world and a life of happiness for myself and the kids.  I couldn’t do this without you.  I know these simple words may seem trivial for all that you’ve done for me.  Thank You. I love you.

And to my future clients.  I simply can not wait to document your stories.

And I finish typing out my final words.  Tears flowing freely and my heart soaring with hope.  We are on the threshold of 2016, I hope you find the simple moments to be the most fulfilling.  Reflect, embrace & enjoy.

Here is a collection of 2015 Stories.  My heart will be forever full with these memories.


Wedding PhotographyEngagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyWedding PhotographySenior PhotosWedding PhotographyEly Grand Lodge WeddingTesora Siren WI Wedding Stillwater MN Historic Courthouse WeddingNY Wedding Couple Family EventDIY WeddingWedding PhotographySenior PhotographyFamily PhotographyWedding PhotographyFamily

From My Family to yours.  Sending love & Happy New Year.



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Attending a Wedding You’ve gotta see this!

Attending a Wedding You’ve gotta see this!

Have you been guest at a wedding, or perhaps part of the bridal party?
I bet you haven’t seen anything like this yet…..  please follow along, it’s worth reading.

There are weddings that choose to be un-plugged.
Where guest must leave their cell phones tucked away, out of sight, out of mind and just be present at the event.
In the moment.  That is a great idea- however, I have not attended a wedding like this.

Typically I witness this:
Attending a Wedding? You've gotta see this!  Attending a Wedding? You've gotta see this! Attending a Wedding? You've gotta see this!

As a wedding photographer, I am one person.  I can only see from my viewpoint.
There are millions of mini scenes that unfold during the day!
In fact it’s comparable to crazy hectic and certainly never a dull moment.
As much as I dream of being in 2-3-4-5-6 places at once, it’s simply impossible.

HJW-5478 6

SOOOOOOO, the solution.
Use your “i-tographer” friends & family.
That’s right, I want everyone taking pictures with their cell phones!
They can capture moments that I may miss because I’m working with the Bride and Groom during our private mini session.
Use our selfie sticks to take Group Photo’s or the famous Selfies.  SNAP AWAY!!
Selfie Stick  Selfie Stick Selfie Stick

What happens to all those cell phone pictures??
Usually they get buried when the phone dies.  Or deleted in effort to save space on the phone…. am I right?
Stay with me please.  This is the fun part.

Insta Print Photo Booth

Guest can print their images on-site at the event.
All of those pretty pictures we asked them to take during the day can be printed directly to our printer.
No wires.
It’s simple and easy to do.

I have created this mini video to help explain our NEW INSTA PRINT.
I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it.


What do you think??
I’d love to take this to your next event.  Guest interaction.  Plus at the end of the event:  you get your printed images delivered the same day in a custom photo box.
Contact if you are interested in booking this at your next party.

We’ll see you there 😉

TellaStory Photography