These sessions are about celebrating your family together.  It’s a chance to capture moments that illustrate who you are individually & who you are as a family unit.  This is a great opportunity to freshen up your photo stock, add a new family photo album to the collection.  

Sessions are scheduled & photographed Saturdays & Sundays, with select weekday availability upon request.  We can offer location suggestions or we can photograph on-location of your choice.

Thank you for your interest to reserve a session with TSP;  We hope after reading through this guide, you will have a better understanding of our photo process. 

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ's}

How to I Reserve My Session Date

Sessions are reserved with a $75 deposit
The balance is due prior to gallery / product delivery.

When Will My Photo's be Ready?

We strive to keep our delivery times consistent.  You can expect to receive a gallery link within 2 weeks of your session.  Sneak Peaks are posted within the week of the session.  Product Delivery is 3 weeks.

How will my Photo's Be Delivered?

Your images will be posted in an on-line gallery for easy access and viewing.  All your ordering and selections will be made from the gallery.  The next step is to start building your family session.  Package start at $175 + Ala’ Carte ordering options. 

what to wear

No, you do not have to wear the same thing & coordinating does not mean identical. 
In fact, your photo’s will look best if you have a variety of colors & some patterns.
Dresses & skirts look great on the ladies.  Guys dressed in layers {weather permitting}
We may only have time for 1 outfit; adding accessories, hats & scarves can make for a quick change.



It’s always fun to bring props; a few items we may recommend if you have them handy, chalk boards & books.   If you are an active family with young children, we may incorporate moving games to keep everyone happy.   Large blankets can provide multiple purposes.  If you have a family quilt, please consider bringing it.  Don’t stress over this.  Sometimes less is more.   No matter what, we want to capture the You- right Now – in this moment.  That’s the important part. 


Building Your Session Package

How do you want to relive your session each time you view the photo’s? Do you prefer a story book format?   Do you prefer viewing in digital format?  Are you interested in hanging a large Print?  The list of questions go on and on…… let’s start with the basics. 

TSP sessions are customizeable.  All packages include the Digital Viewing Gallery.  Decide how you want your images delivered as digital gallery + flash drive + prints + the rest is up to you to decide what fits your style & budget.  Are you ready to get started?  

Story Book Collections

45 Minute Session On-location
(2) Accordion Mini Books + 5 digital Images + Print Release

Story Book Collections

60 Minute Session On-location 
Gallery Download + Print Release
8×8 Leather Book

Mini Me Session

30 Minutes On-location
5 Digital Images + Print Release

Mellow Yellow Session

45 Minutes On-location
10 Digital Images + Print Release
(25) 5×7 Sprial Bound Prints

Ala' Carte Ordering

(3) Accordion Mini Books:  $75.00
(25) Prints 5×7 Proof Book: $75.00
8×8 Leather Book: $175.00
Prints + Flashdrive: $275.00
16×20 Metal Print: $175.00

Are you getting excited to start planning your session?  
Drop us a message below, we can’t wait to get started.

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