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Clothing Style Guide :  What to wear for your Session {Family Edition}

Comfort is Key!!  Choose clothing that makes you feel like a millions bucks and flatters your body shape. You will feel like yourself and your confidence will shine in every photo.

The good news, you can shop directly from your closet!!  If you need an excuse to buy new, I’m all for that too!  What’s your Style?  A little planning will go a long ways when it comes to pulling the outfits together.

What should you wear?  I may not be able to answer that 100% – I am not a style queen;  But I do know some amazing stylist who are happy to help pull your wardrobe look together, let me know if you’d like the referral.  This list was curated from a photographers perspective.  Less is more with special elements & “pop” layers.  Some things to think about as you prepare for our session together

Color & Texture

Have fun with layers as you plan your wardrobe.  Flat fabrics & neutrals may sound like great choices, but don’t limit yourself.  Dig deep into your closet for complimentary colors, or shades of the same color to bring that pop of contrast and style to your look.

Choose colors that compliment your hair & skin tone. Adding a pop of color may bring out the color in your eyes and make you sparkle. As a general rule of thumb, stay away from bright neon colors, they can reflect on your skin and distract from your face.  Stick with solid colors, the tend to stay in style.  A simple white tee and jeans create that simple classic and timeless look.


Adding accessories can give a quick change and really bring the look together.  Hats, Scarves, jackets or favorite belt.

Undergarments {the right stuff}

Consider the underwear styles required for each outfit
IE:  nude panties under light color clothing

Certain tops may call for a strapless bra
IE: spaghetti strap spring dress, or that new sheer cute Cami.

While, My photo shop skills are good but may not be “thaaaat” good to fix – wardrobe mishaps and outsourcing editing is a must.  We hope to avoid this, by planning ahead – and potentially saving you $$ for those extra editing fee’s.

Stay True to Your Style

A great way to express yourself is through clothing. BE YOU and don’t get sucked into every trend. Choose outfits that are timeless and classic. Trust me. You’ll look back at your portraits 20 years from now and still love them.

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